The David Reid Poetry Translation Prize was a prize of 750 euros, awarded twice yearly by Subtext Translations, for an outstanding translation into English of a well-known Dutch poem. Known as the David Reid Poetry Translation Prize, the award commemorated David A.S. Reid (1929–1982), who was an inspiring teacher and a gifted translator.
    Twice a year, between the Autumn of 2006 and the Spring of 2011, the title of the poem to be translated was posted on the Subtext Translations website at midday on 1 September and 1 March. The deadline for the translation was always two months later: on 1 November and 1 May respectively. In principle, all the entries were posted on the Subtext Translations website, first the winner and the runner–up, the others in order of arrival. By submitting a translation the translator had agreed to publication in this form. The translator retained the copyright.
    The Jury consisted of a changing panel of four people: a literature specialist teaching English at a Dutch university, a professional Dutch–English translator, a published British poet, and a coordinator. They included Bart Westerweel (Leiden University), Hans Bertens (Utrecht University), Maureen Peeck (Utrecht University); Sarah Kinebanian, David McKay as translators; and Donald Gardner, Kate Foley and Paul Evans as poets. Helene Reid was the coordinator throughout. The Jury's decision was final and posted on this website on 1 December and 1 June.